Session Formats @ IMC

Focus Sessions

  • Open call for session proposals (October 4 – November 19)
  • Oral sessions can be up to 180 min (depending on the number of participants)
  • Poster sessions can be up to 45 min
  • Session convenors decide on the length of participants’ presentations and of joint discussions (within the session time slot) once they have confirmed the participants
  • If thematically fitting, focus sessions should be assigned to a Synthesis Workshops (in this case, one session convenor is asked to present the session outcome in the respective synthesis workshop)

Synthesis Workshops

  • Workshop topics have been suggested by the IMC2022 Scientific Committee (1 or 2 others could follow based on the focus session proposals submitted*)
  • Oral sessions can be up to 180 min with short introductions and comprehensive discussions
  • Synthesis Workshops will be scheduled after focus sessions that are assigned to the workshop

* Expressions of interest for Synthesis Workshop can be informally submitted to imc2022[at]