Modes of Participation @ IMC

Face-2-Face conference focus

Crossing disciplinary borders, merging knowledge about mountain systems and networking are the characteristics and goals of IMC. On-site exchange among participants therefore seems to be the best strategy. Nevertheless, we are aware of financial and legal barriers as well as potential constrains due to COVID-19. For these reasons, IMC2022 strives to offer as much flexibility as possible while trying to preserve its character.

On-site Participant

Physically present @ IMC
  • Open for everyone
  • Physical participation in sessions and events
  • Flexible: In case of short-term COVID-19 restrictions automatically switched to “Virtual Participant”

Virtual Participant

Virtually present @ IMC
  • Open for participants from low and lower-middle income countries, participants with legal (visa) constraints and participants from countries with COVID-19 restrictions1)
  • Access to sessions and workshops as presenter and discussant4)
  • Access to side-events with live-streaming2)


Participation by listening
  • Open for everyone – on-site or virtual
  • Access to all3) sessions and events2) as listener
  • No possibilities to be presenter (both) in a session or participate in discussions (true for virtual)

1) Based on the travel/health regulations of the European Union and Austria in the weeks before the conference. Details about the regulations will be communicated from June 2022 onwards to still enable booking of transport etc.
2) Streaming might not be available for all events.
3) Limited by max. room capacities.
4) In sessions other than those where you present, participation in discussions might be limited.