Challenges in implementing the Sendai Framework in Mountain Environments


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    Challenges in implementing the Sendai Framework in Mountain Environments

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    Joerg Szarzynski, Stefan Schneiderbauer

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    Risk and Resilience

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Up to date, many lives and livelihoods worldwide are lost in the perpetual vicious cycle of “disaster, respond, recover and repeat”. The request during the Sendai World Conference on DRR in 2015 to change the paradigm: “From managing disasters to managing risks,” has not yet taken place completely. In mountain environments systemic & cascading disaster risk and lacking disaster risk management range among main obstacles for sustainable development and transformative resilience. Without improved DRR, prevention and ERP mountain regions will continue to face severe impacts due to climate change, growing populations and rapid urbanization. Hence, an open question is, how the Sendai Framework can be applied to the specific nature/environment of mountain regions. Main challenge is here the topic of risk governance including the missing links in mainstreaming DRR and coherent policies. This workshop follows a trans-disciplinary approach: from science to policy and practice in risk reduction planning. It aims at exchanging on state of knowledge, raise awareness on research gaps, and initiate future research activities on this topic.

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