ID02: Adaptation strategies and pathways for resilience in mountain regions


  • Full Title

    Adaptation strategies and pathways for resilience in mountain regions

  • Co-Conveners

    Jakob Steiner, Graham Prescott, Jess L. Delves, Stefan Schneiderbauer and Thomas Thaler

  • Assigned to Synthesis Workshop

    5. Probing the past, predicting the future – developing adaptive strategies in mountain regions under future climates

  • Keywords

    adaptation pathways, socio-ecological resilience, risk governance, innovation, climate change, nature-based solution


Global mountain social-ecological systems are susceptible to climate risks. Despite the considerable efforts in installing mitigating technical solutions, evidence suggests that these are only one aspect within broader risk management.

More attention should instead be paid to the different scales of decision-making processes, directed at generating societies resilient to the ever-changing risk landscape. This session invites empirical studies on adaptation strategies and pathways in mountain regions, including innovative research, nature-based solutions and transdisciplinary work.

These findings will contribute to a better understanding of the key drivers and developments that influence adaptation pathways in mountain regions in response to climate change.

Topics to be addressed include but are not limited to one or more of the following:

  1. Historical development of adaptation pathways at different governance scales
  2. Exploration of consequences of adaptation pathways
  3. Novel insights into dynamic adaptation pathways, encouraging science-policy dialogue for climate resilient mountains
  4. Mountain-specific nature-based solutions
  5. Strategies for enhancing socio-ecological resilience in the mountain regions

Registered Abstracts

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