ID42: Mountain Protected Natural Areas as Sustainable Development Tools?


  • Full Title

    Mountain Protected Natural Areas as Sustainable Development Tools? Examining the Social, Cultural and Economic Dimensions of Protected Natural Areas in Highlands

  • Scheduled

    Wednesday, 2022-09-14
    10:00 - 12:00

  • Co-Conveners

    Ilinca-Valentina Stoica and Luis Santos

  • Assigned to Synthesis Workshop

  • Keywords

    Protected natural area, Sustainable development, Local/regional development, Livelihoods



According to the United Nations Environment Programme, in July 2018 there were 238,563 designated protected natural areas (PNAs) in the world, evidencing until which extent they have become widespread. While their effects in wildlife and environmental protection, conservation and management are widely assumed, there is a constant discussion about their interaction with the human sphere. This inherent socio-economic and cultural dimensions of PNAs seem to be stronger in mountain regions, given that they quite often suffer stagnation and decline, implying that PNAs are commonly understood and promoted as development tools. The main questions for this session are as follows:

  • Why and how mountain PNAs are conceived/managed as tools for (sustainable?) local/regional development?
  • Which governance arrangements are implemented in this respect?
  • Are participation and local control enhanced?
  • Which contradictions do emerge between the obvious conservation/protection aims of mountain PNAs and their factual developments?
  • Do mountain PNAs allow the maintenance of livelihoods in mountain areas?

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