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The Student4Student Summerschool 2022 take place from September 5 – 9 2022 in Obergurgl, Austria. The summer school is dedicated to PhD-students focusing working in moutainous regions in the fields of Atmosphere, (Paleo-)Climate, Glaciers, Natural Hazards and Tourism. It is offered in conjunction with and prior to the International Mountain Conference 2022 to provide PhD-students with extended possibilities to discuss their research in detail with fellow students (first part) and experts (second part). In contrast to classical summer schools, a strong focus is put on peer-to-peer interactions to facilitate and encourage networking among the PhD students that they can capitalize on in their future research careers. The summer school is an excellent preparation for the subsequent conference which the students are encouraged to attend.


  • Call for Applications

    January 2022

  • COVID-19 Decision

    End of Feb. 2022

  • Registration

    March 2022

  • Final Program/Schedule

    June 2022

  • S4S Summer School

    Sep. 5 – 9

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Why joining S4SSS?

special interdisciplinary student for student format
possibilities with Summerschool and Conference for PhDs
days in an inspiring alpine area
international colleagues

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