Modes of Participation @ S4SSS

Face-2-Face interaction among Peers

In-person communications among students is a central part of the Student for Student format. To support this form of exchange, travel grants will be provided to PhD students with little/no funding sources (focus will be on students from least developed countries). If required, COVID-19 PCR tests could also be covered. Nevertheless, troubles with VISA and/or COVID-19 are still possible and are good arguments for providing a virtual emergency solution.

This is still dynamic content based on discussions in- and outside of the IMC Committees. Therefore, we ask for your understanding that the content may be modified throughout the coming months.

On-site Participant

Physically present @ S4SSS
  • Standard option
  • Physical participation in sessions and events
  • Flexible: In case of short-term COVID-19 restrictions or denied VISA automatically switched to “Virtual Participant”

Virtual Participant

Virtually present @ S4SSS
  • Emergency solution in case of COVID-19 restrictions or denied VISA
  • Access to sessions and workshops as presenter and discussant1)

1) In sessions other than those where you present, participation in discussions might be limited.