Request for financial support

  • Who?

    PhD students from lower-middle and low-income countries that submit an abstract to both S4SSS and IMC2022

  • When?

    Application is open during the call for abstracts of IMC2022 and S4SSS (Jan. 10th-Feb. 14th 2022)

  • Travel support provided by

    IMC2022 partners (details will follow) and the Research Area Mountain Regions at the University of Innsbruck.

  • Confirmation?

    Your application will be checked and discussed after Feb. 14th. You will get feedback if your application is considered for funding by end of March.


    You first have to submit your abstracts via Conftool to IMC2022 and S4SSS. Please be aware that you will be asked for a letter of support of your supervisor and a confirmation of your PhD-studies-enrollment. When the submissions are completed, you automatically get IDs for your contributions and can fill the travel grant application form below.

Application Form

    Personal Infos

    Financial Support Request

    I request financial support for ...
    (multiple selection possible)*

    Travel Details

    I can prepay my travel costs

    S4SSS-Fee Refunding Details
    I ask for a ...*


    Sending can take several seconds. Please be patient and wait for a status report (Successfull or Error). Afterwards, you should get a confirmation by mail.