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    12.09.2022 18:30 – 20:00

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About the Special Event

Wikipedia is fast becoming the public’s go-to ‘first stop shop’ for information, with many articles receiving thousands of views a day. As such, contributing to Wikipedia articles is an opportunity for highlighting the importance of mountains in the different topic areas in which we work, both through editing existing articles and creating new ones. This interactive session will: present the benefits of contributing to Wikipedia as a way of raising awareness of issues and communicating scientific research; explore existing gaps and entry-points for improving mountain- and climate-related articles in Wikipedia; and demonstrate how to get started as a Wikipedia editor. The session will include a segment for participants to start editing relevant Wikipedia articles with some easy edits (using pre-prepared materials). This session is open to everyone interested in using this exciting, readily available and impactful communication channel for highlighting existing and emerging topics and research. We will also discuss next steps as a community of mountain-experts who are editing Wikipedia articles.

About the Hosts


Julia Barrott

Julia Barrott, event organiser, Research Fellow at Stockholm Environment Institute and Adaptation at Altitude programme team member.

Elisabeth von Muench

Freelance consultant on environmental and climate projects based in Ulm, Germany. Experienced Wikipedia editor through content on water, sanitation, climate change, oceans and sustainable development topics in collaboration with Stockholm Environment Institute.

Robin Hocquet

Research Associate at Stockholm Environment Institute and Adaptation at Altitude programme team member